Real estate firm receives 210% hike in revenue through Growth Marketers’s digital marketing strategies and automation service.


A real estate firm of California equipped with a team of skilled professionals works as an intermediary between buyers and sellers for a long time across the United States in a giant basis. They help investors and residential communities buy, sell or lease their investment properties. 

This Real estate traditional & digital marketing case study focuses on how we were able to make them stand on top in their digital marketing strategy among all other competing real estate projects.


The real estate firm expected to enhance the presence of the brand and awareness to their target audience and be on top of their real estate competitors. They sought the solution which let them grow successfully in their digital market field.

    1. Building brand awareness across target locations and target audience for better conversion.
    2. Leveraging a significant number of digital platforms to reach a wider target audience considering the economical ticket size.
    3. Automate all digital tasks along with lead funnel to increase sales.

How and why they adopt The Growth Marketers as their service partner?

On account of their need to automate marketing tasks and digitally grow, they came across Growth Marketers after trying and testing several other services in the market.

They enrolled for basic service and within a few days; were ready with a final decision to go the Growth Marketers for all marketing services such as digital marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing.

Solution and Execution: 

Since we implemented a company’s digital marketing strategy, its website is receiving 71% more weekly visits from organic Google searches thanks to 12 new Top 10 keyword rankings on Google’s Page 1 results. They have reported a noticeable increase in their real estate business since they choose us as their service partner.

In order to achieve the challenges given by them, we followed different marketing strategies to approach it. Our first target was to build a brand by doing market research and targeting the audience. The next step was to promote and educate the consumers about their offerings and branding their services into the market.

Our Digital Marketing Strategies that works:

While defining a business brand, first we created a checklist of their core strengths. It was a critical step which helped us to determine what their business truly stands for. 

Understand the Audience: Audience persona is crucial in digital marketing, so we did research on their niche market and took a lot of care to identify their targeted audience for campaigns.

Knowing your business competitor is equally important as knowing your audience. We did competitor and their strategy research so it helped us to stand out and outperform from them.

Developed content that was relevant and remarkable to capture the target audience.

The real estate property sale takes a longer period. It is more important to reach the potential audience who decided to buy a property, based on exactly what they are looking through right targeting online marketing methods. By digital advertising platforms, we put their real estate business in front of the customers when they do specific searches on Google, remarketing campaigns or based on their demographics on social media. 

We did campaigns with high- impact engaging content, creative social banners and sharp targeting to build credibility and trust among the target audience. 

Hike in revenue was because of The Growth Marketers

They now have their marketing tasks streamlined with complete control of all marketing campaigns.

They’ve gained tremendously on the part of organic visits which is 3000+ visits, and with effective marketing strategies managed to get 1300+ potential customers within a month.

Their social media account and promotion campaigns handled efficiently across all platforms with customer engagement.

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